The world’s most
efficient drive system

Cycling with 50% more torque



We reinvent cycling

Our unique, purely mechanical Cyfly drive system improves the efficiency of a bicycle by up to 50%. Why do we do it? For most cyclists, merely one-third of the expended force is transformed into driving torque (averaged over one pedel revolution). With our patented technology we transform more force into troque. Your power goes where it is needed – onto the street!

How it works:
Most of the force puts pressure on the bottom bracket, where it is wasted. We use this otherwise unutilized component of force and transform it into locomotion as well. For those with an interest in technology, we have illustrated the active principle with a triangle of forces. Exactly how all this works will remain our secret for now.

What it looks like:
Cyfly as an individually adapted component can make any conventional bicycle, racing bike, downhill bike, cargo bike or e-bike significantly more efficient. Depending on the gear ratio, the extra torque can make pedaling easier or be transformed into a higher speed. Thanks to the compact design, the individual look of any bicycle type is retained.

With the Cyfly, you can get to work much faster or with less effort. While others are pedaling in vain, every stroke with the Cyfly lends you wings.

We make ideas take off

We as engineers have a passion for improving the everyday. Which is why we have been offering solutions from the idea to production since 2011, from one source with our engineering office Möve equipment & design. Our 40-member team makes our customer's wishes come true every day. Now we as passionate cyclists want to realize our own idea with the Cyfly drive system that revolutionizes cycling. Be there!

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